Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2nd Post My Son's First Day of School

Hello Happy Crafters,
On a personal note: My son's first day of school was today awww!!!  He requested blueberry pancakes for breakfast for his first day of school and warm milk.  He was a little scared and looked like he wanted to cry, but I did to.  I waited until he went into the classroom.  All parents then were able to go in the class until all the kids got settled.   I blew him a kiss and said by :( He still looked like he wanted to cry but, I did tooo!! awww:(
Eating Blueberry Pancakes 

Leaving to school!
How CUTE!!

Just arrived at school

Walking to class!

In Front of his class
Waiting for class to start @8:45
Awww !!!
In line to go inside his classroom
Looked like he wanted to cry :(


  1. Hi Norma! How cute are your son's 1st day of school pics! You've got a great blog and some fun card projects! :)

  2. A D O R A B L E ♡

  3. ADORABLE! I know the emotion you must have felt seeing him off on his first day of Kinder.

  4. Aww, hope you both did ok on his first day. Did he end up having fun? My son starts 3rd grade on Tuesday and the first day of kindy was one filled with tears,for me, he was fine, LOL! Andrea

  5. Love Is In The Details, he has a blast. No tears thank goodness or else we both would loose it. Good luck to your son's 1st day of school :) Thanks for visiting.


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