Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Beauty Tip...

Hello Friends,
I hope you are enjoying your weekend and crafting away!! Today, I have something very different and non-crafting related but, I LOVE LOVE this tip and LOVE the results and so, I wanted to share it with you all!!!

Lately, I've been obsessed watching LOTS of Beauty You Tube channels and found this tip from Kandee Johnson and that I'd give it a try.  I was lucky enough to inherit FABULOUS skin but,I like lots of us WOMEN have sun bathed and developed those SUN SPOTS as a result and WOULD LOVE to get rid of without those EXPENSIVE treatments at the DERMATOLOGIST!!

This simple home remedy will not ONLY lighten those sun spots but leave your skin SOFT and glowy.  I have used this remedy for about 5 days and I can TOTALLY notice a difference within this short amount of time.  My husband even though I was wearing makeup LOL!! 

I use it every day but remember every skin is different so, you may want to develope your own routine.
What you will need:
Raw Sugar
 Cotton Rounds

What to do:
*make sure you have removed all your make up and you have a clean face to start

All you simply have to do is cut the lemon in half and squeeze maybe about 1TSP of lemon into 2 Cotton rounds and about a 1 TSP of the raw sugar and scrub your face with the cotton round. The RAW SUGAR is what will help to scrub and remove old skin cells, the LEMON has SALICYLIC ACID which is what most ACHE treatments have. FYI: 1 lemon can be used up to 4 days.

After this scrub home remedy make sure to use your moisturizer and eye treatment. 

Eye Treatment I use morning and night daily:
Bobbi Brown - Hydrating Eye Cream
Bobbie Brown Eye Repair Cream
This is my moisturizer that I use daily:

Philosophy - Hope in a Jar
LOVE how this moisturizer feels....
Olay Original Active Hydrating Cream - 2 oz..Opens in a new window
I also LOVE this moisturizer and is a fantastic alternative

Thank you for visiting today and I hope you enjoyed this FUN and Sunday Beauty Tip!!
Stay tune for Tomorrow's "NEW" card


  1. Hey Norma, I came to see what crafting things you have been up to ...I'll go back and continue reading. I am so going to try this lemon treatment, I have a few sun spots which I hate! Tried the expensive creams with no results. I will let you know the results..wonder if it works with limes...I have a heap of them at the moment. Ok , I'm off to the shops to buy raw sugar. Thankyou

  2. I've been playing around with natural remedies lately and found that if you have a juicer and end up with a lot of orange peels you can sun dry them then ground them up and use it as a scrub. It has helped my dry hands a lot and it did lighten them up too.

  3. Thanks for the beauty tips Norma, I'll have to give the lemon and sugar a try :)

  4. Norma ~ OMG! I almost fell off my chair! I can so relate to this post! Okay not they BEAUTIFUL skin like you but those horrible sun spots from basking in the sun for years! Which i continue to do ~ LOL! But I have one that I just absolutely HATE! I am so going to try this! THANK YOU!


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