Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mommy and Me!!!

Hello friends,
I have a very special card that I received from my son!  As you all may agree with me the most special cards are those always made by our sweet, adorable and cute kids!  My son was so proud of his card and heart that he made me that he asked if I would post it on my blog to share with you all!! He is the most thoughtful and cutest little boy which I love to pieces:)  Have a fabulous day and Enjoy!
This is a drawing of my son and me that he drew :)
I blurred my son's name for his safety
Recipe for these gifts:
Lots of Love
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  1. Aww! How cute! You have the sweetest boy ever. Such a beautiful card.
    Thanks for sharing. Let him know that he did an amazing job.


  2. It's cards like this that you will treasure forever! I have all the cards my children have made me - I need a bigger box now!

    Tell your son - he's brilliant - such a lovely picture!

  3. Oh yes that heart and card are keepers, i hope you have a special place for them.

  4. Such a special card. I bet he loved seeing it on your blog too!

  5. Oh Norma, how precious!! Definatly the absolute best card to get, made with so much love!!!!!!!!!

  6. how adorable and sweet little boy you have these are the best gifts ever in my opinion. hope you had a wonderful mothers day.

  7. How sweet!!! I love, love homemade cards. I have kept everyone that both of my sons have made me. I just love it. TFS!!

    He did a great job on the heart!!


  8. Yes i got my stuff late yesterday after noon. Some stuff is missing and its due to Backorder. But happy with what i did get.

  9. AWWW... just makes your heart melt!! Such a sweet thing he did. I received a few of these things from my kids too. I love it!! Hope all is well... I haven't stopped by your blog in a long time!!

  10. How sweet! What a sweet son. He did a wonderful job on the card. Love the heart.
    Cindy Lou

  11. Such a caute card!! Love the drawing :)

    TOri xx

  12. There is nothing like homemade from the kiddo's! Your son did a great job and please tell him so! I just love the heart also :)
    A masterpiece to be treasured forever!

  13. So sweet! Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!


  14. Norma, how special. I'm really glad you posted this sweet card your son made for you. I know you will cherish it always.
    Hugs, Debi

  15. OMG ! this is the best card ever.... isn't it? our kids are the greatest love !
    Thanks for commenting in my blog !
    ~Maria Elena~

  16. SO SWEET! I've missed you girl! Glad to be here in your blog today-come back and visit! HUGS!

  17. Aw, Norma. This is just precious. So happy that you have shared it with us.

  18. That is sooooo CUTE! I love it when my boys make things for me too! They are the best and I keep a lot of it! :o)

  19. What an awesome job he did!! So cute and thanks for sharing.

  20. Norma,
    I am so sorry I haven't been over for so long and missed this! OMG... see talent runs in the family! What a sweetheart and he is such a cutie pie too! Just wanted to stop by say hello and see if you ever got my email? It might have gone into spam. It wasn't anything important except I wanted a recipe!

  21. Hey Norma, Please stop by my blog, I have an award for you.



  22. Aww adorable, You have a sweetheart! I love when my kids make me stuff!

  23. Such a sweet card made my your son. Thank You for dropping by my blog and becoming a follower. I like your creations and am becoming your follower


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